Vacation Rentals Or Hotels? A New Dimension to Staying Options

Vacation is a very important aspect of ones living routine. I call it routine as it takes place religiously each year, year after year. One makes this routine different by changing the elements of vacation. The place to stay and the vacation destination.

Having decided the location that one wants to visit, the next point on the agenda is to choose where to stay. While most people choose a hotel offering all facilities to compliment the vacation. A few more adventurous and experienced ones however choose to stay in a vacation rental. Yes, a vacation rental is now extremely popular way to stay during a vacation. It has many advantages over a hotel stay.

Whatever one does, however meticulously one plans the hotel stay, there are chances that not everything will be to every ones liking during the vacation. A vacation experience is sensitive to perfection of delivery of services. This is where most of the time the vacation seeker feel let down or dissatisfied, and this one element becomes a sour point to spoil the vacation experience.

Usually world over, people go on vacation with the family or with a group of friends. There are a number of people going together and for them to enjoy the vacation staying together or staying close assumes great importance. Hotels normally promise allocating adjoining rooms to a group. Most of the time however, this does not happen when you check in. You are not only in rooms far apart but also on different floor of the hotel. Your vacation starts on a wrong note. You start disliking the hotel from that moment.

What seems to be a perfect answer to address this issue is a private accommodation on short lease. Today world over vacation rentals are available in most tourists destinations like beach resorts, golf resorts, mountain resorts or ski resorts. These are ranging from studio apartments to five or six bedroom, attached baths, even long baths in independent villas with their own swimming pool and all other facilities. The rentals vacation range from economy to super luxury options. The rental homes are fully furnished and serviced. The equipping includes fully fitted kitchen or pantry, laundry and ironing to even a vacuum cleaner. Each one in the group can have his or her own bedroom, make and eat what one likes and when one wants. The vacation homes are also wireless enabled for you to surf on your laptop and provided with a telephone and TV. Goa offers some stunning beach vacation rentals to the tourists.

Like in the west, vacation homes are fast gaining popularity in the east also. India, Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore have a host of such facilities and in different price range. The availability of vacation homes is for beach vacation rentals, cabin rental, apartment rentals and home rentals, a total package of rentals vacation offer. Countries with shortage of hotel rooms are encouraging the owners of good accommodation to switch to this concept. On one hand, the concept provides much needed accommodation to the tourists on the other hand it is a profitable source of income to the owner and boosts the local economy.

The concept is unique, it brings smile on the face of the tourist, the owner of the vacation home and the tourism authority. Vacation rental seems to be a viable tourism segment that will become its main stay in the years to come.

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Benefits of California Beach Vacation Rentals

California is the place where the best beaches are found. Whether you are visiting with your husband, kids, extended family or you are just alone, California beach vacations are the perfect place for you. Staying in beach resorts and hotels is one way to enjoy more of your stay here in California. Some of those who had vacations but did not even visit these places have not truly seen the beauty of the best beaches. But why is it important to rent? What are the benefits of California beach vacation rentals?


One of the benefits of California beach vacation rentals is location. Most vacation rentals like hotels and resorts are alongside one thousand miles of coastal line. This gives you near access to the beaches, like they are in your own backyard.

Overlooking Views

Another benefit is not missing the beautiful scenery as vacation rentals offer overlooking views of California beaches, cliffs, waves and sun. Don?t you think it is romantic to quietly watch the setting of the sun with your partner? Yes, it is really romantic and it is possible here if you rent vacation beaches. You can also enjoy the sunrise, and the calm ocean breeze and sounds

Fun Beach Activities

Each vacation rental offers different fun beach activities. You can choose whether to show your designer swimwear, sunbathe or to jog around and get some good exercise if you are health buff. Aside from these fun beach activities, you can also try surfing, wakeboarding or even rock climbing. Most vacation rentals offer equipment that you need for the activity like surfboard for surfing. If you are traveling alone, fun beach activities are one effective way to meet new people and start new friendships. Whatever your preferences are, vacation rentals have something to offer for you.

Safe for Kids

Safety of the kids is one of the benefits of California beach vacation rentals. There are many activities that parents and kids will surely share and enjoy. In case you want to go shopping, most vacation rentals offer activities that your kids will enjoy while you are shopping.

Spa Treatments

Generally, women take vacations to relax from household obligations, work and daily pressures. Though beach vacations are great in soothing the nerves, it will be better for the women that aside from relaxing, they can also take time to be beautiful, right? Vacation rentals often offer spa treatments for their visitors. Nothing can really replace having spa and body skin care treatments in a very scenic place and warmth climate.

Pet Friendly

Pets are one of the reasons why most women don?t take vacations because for one, they cannot leave their favorite pets behind. It is really bothering to go on a vacation while you leave your precious pet in your home or with somebody else. But with vacation rentals, vacationing is now possible with your pets. Though not all vacation rentals accept pets, there is large number of them, which accept pets. Though vacation rentals require fees, it is still comforting to know that your pets can also enjoy the family vacation.

If you are considering California beach vacations, then checking out beach vacation rentals is definitely one option. For more ideas and tips for planning your vacation to the beaches of California, then be sure to check out the many valuable resources online.

Cheap Bahamas Vacation – Regain Your Sanity

If you have worked hard, earned some time off and need a vacation to reenergize yourself then a Cheap Bahamas Vacation is the only way to regain your sanity. A trip to the Bahamas does not have to also mean a trip to a loan officer. The beautiful islands offer vacations for every budget. Even those with little to spare can make their way to the beautiful beaches by finding a cheap Bahamas vacation. Bahamas Cheap Vacation also offers you wide variety of activities such as swimming with the dolphins, thrilling water sports, deep sea fishing and some of the best beaches in the world.

A cheap Bahamas vacation does not mean a lower standard of living. You will get all luxuries and facilities that make a vacation complete and enjoyable. The cheap Bahamas Vacation package will take you to the islands considered one of the most beautiful in the Bahamas with high cliff, densely-forested foothills and deserted exotic sand beaches. In addition to cheap Bahamas vacation rentals, the Internet also offers many Bahamas vacation deals as websites are always publishing new Bahamas vacation deals. Cheap Bahamas Vacation often have last-minute vacation deals that offer spontaneous travelers a lower-price airline ticket so that they may not miss a chance to visit the land of exotic pink and white beaches.

An even better vacation in the Bahamas option would be to select a Cheap Bahamas vacation package. You can enjoy not only the affordable airfare with a Cheap Bahamas vacation package but also the finest hotel accommodations and additional facilities. Unless you have had prior experience with a vacation in the Bahamas, the assistance from a travel agent or cheap Bahamas Vacation organizer would help to get rid of many of the unknown burdens by booking everything yourself. They can also provide insight into some of the more popular attractions so that you may not miss a single moment to grab the view this beautiful island.

Plan your vacations to Bahamas with cheap Bahamas vacation packages and enjoy your vacation to the fullest without putting an extra burden on your pocket. Now you don’t need to be hard pressed to beat the amenities found with a vacation in the Bahamas because cheap Bahamas vacation packages offer you a wide range of facility to make your vacations memorable. Regardless of whether if you plan to leave immediately or planning a vacation month in advance, it is always a good idea to purchase cheap Bahamas Vacation packages, as such packages often mean a savings over vacation arrangements purchased individually.

The Bahamas is no longer a vacation destination only for the well-to-do now it’s in the reach of every person who wants the full utilization of their hard earned money and precious time. Thanks to Cheap Bahamas Vacation organizers who provide cheap deals to suit any budget. A vacation in Bahamas could be just the thing to ease your hectic life. So take a break….. Enjoy a vacation in Bahamas: A tropical paradise, and ease your hectic life.

Vacation Rentals Offer Many Advantages when Compared to Hotel Rooms.

Vacation Rentals offer tremendous advantages when compared to Standard Hotel Rooms. Privately owned vacation rental properties offer more room, flexibility, amenities, freedom and privacy than a standard hotel room often for less money.

For example: A Disney area Luxury 3 bedroom, 2 bath villa home with a private pool, gourmet kitchen, dining room, living room, laundry room and community amenities can be rented for as little as $600/week. With a vacation rental property you can prepare meals and snacks anytime, enjoy swimming or lounging by your private pool, unpack your bags and have room to spread out. As the number of travelers in your group increases, the savings continue to grow and grow!

Vacation rentals offer more room. Most Standard hotel rooms offer a king bed, or two queen beds at best along with a dresser, small closet and bath. There is usually one TV which can be viewed by sitting or lying on the bed or using one of two small chairs provided in the room. These rooms become quite cluttered when a family of 4 staying for a week struggles to keep unworn clothes neat and dirty clothes separated. Usually the television becomes a war zone with small children battling over channels. Adults often can’t even enjoy any late night program for fear of waking the children.

Vacation Rentals offer incredible room to spread out and relax. On Paradise Properties by Owner you will find properties with 1 bedroom all the way up to estates that have over 15 bedrooms! Yes, you read that correctly! Along with comfortable sleeping & closet space, vacation rentals also have fully equipped kitchens and living areas. Many homes also have dens, formal dining rooms, private pools and hot tubs, game rooms, laundry rooms, lanais, large yards and more. The average size of a hotel room us about 300 square feet. Vacation Rentals range from 1200 square feet to over 10,000 square feet of living space in come cases. Vacation rentals offer much more value for your money.

Vacation rentals offer freedom and flexibility. Want a late night snack in a Hotel room? This is not always an easy thing to do! If there is room service and the restaurant is still open you shouldn’t have any trouble. Want to go for a late swim after dinner? How about an early morning dip in the pool? Be sure to check the hotel pool hours. You might not have the option. Need to take your car? Some resorts valet and this becomes a lengthy ordeal especially if you just want a snack.

Vacation rentals allow you the flexibility to plan your day the way you want. Eat when you are hungry, swim when you feel like taking a dip, or simply relax without feeling that you are interrupting the rest of your family’s plans. Often times the expenses of eating out can far exceed the daily expenses of lodging on a vacation. With full kitchens, these expenses are greatly reduced in a vacation rental even if you only use the kitchen for breakfasts, drinks and snacks!

Many vacation rentals offer more amenities than a standard hotel room. You will usually find TVs, VCRs, DVDs, & Stereos. Fully equipped kitchens, large spacious baths, and laundry rooms are found in most vacation rentals. Many also offer private pools, game rooms, spas, tennis facilities and much more! You can also find homes and condos with great outdoor living spaces such as patios, lanais, gardens, lawns and private decks overlooking incredible vistas. Many vacation rentals are located on golf courses, lakes, mountains, and beaches.

There are some things that can’t be compromised. A sense of privacy is one of the main reasons Vacation Rentals are so popular. In a hotel you will hear the comings and goings of those around you. Often times even in the best of resorts, it is difficult to escape the sounds of water pipes and shutting doors. Vacation Rentals provide your own sanctuary away from crowds. You might choose to take a moonlit swim in the pool, or enjoy the sunrise while you lounge with a cup of coffee. In a standard hotel room the concept of privacy is never the same feeling as a privately owned vacation rental property.

Vacation rentals can save money. There is no comparison between the two. The old saying applies “it’s like trying to compare apples to oranges”. Vacation Rentals often offer more room for less money, more freedom, more flexibility, more amenities, and much more privacy for your money. When you rent a vacation rental directly from the owner you will also find an attention to detail and comfort that many rental management companies overlook. Owners who rent their properties “by owner” want you to return year after year to enjoy their property. Your satisfaction is extremely important to vacation rental property owners.

Many vacation rentals are pet friendly. Ever try to book a hotel that will allow pets? This is a daunting task. Many vacation rental homes owners allow pets. Pet Friendly Vacation Rentals are easy to locate on Paradise Properties. Simply search with pets allowed as one of your search parameters.

With the many advantages that vacation rental properties offer to their visitors it is easy to see why privately owned properties continue to gain popularity with travelers. Vacation Rentals can be found all over the world, suited to almost any budget. Large sites like Paradise Properties by Owner offer vacation rental properties in many vacation destinations.

Do You Ever Feel Like God Doesn’t Care

The newly finished roof, leaks, the dog is sick, and I have a chronic back pain that makes it hard toju sit in one place for very long. My business is completely dead and the bills are mounting on a pile on top of my desk. In total distress I turn on the television in hopes of getting my mind off all my problems, at least for a little while. Turning the station, I am drawn to a program where a couple is buying a vacation home. They’re bored with their ocean front home in Florida! So, they’re looking for a home between $600,000 to $900,000 in Nevada where they can gamble and go to the extravagant shows on the Las Vegas strip.

I was totally captivated wondering st how fantastic it would be just to have the ability to own a home priced at their vacation house sum. Amazed at their extravagant lifestyle I questioned God as to why they are allowed to have such riches when I can’t even afford health care. God don’t you care about me? I don’t understand why some people can have everything they want and the rest of us struggle day to day!

Psalm 49: 16-20, “Don’t be upset when a man becomes rich, when his wealth grows even greater; he cannot take it with him when he dies; his wealth will not go with him to the grave. Even if a man is satisfied with this life and is praised because he is successful, he will join all his ancestors in death, where the darkness lasts forever. A man’s greatness cannot keep him from death; he will still die like the animals.”

As I continued to watch the television program, the couple chose a brand new $700,000 vacation home over looking a golf course with a beautiful mountain view in the back ground. The wife complained that they were also over looking some new construction. The realtor quickly explained that it would all be completed in a few short months. The rich woman nodded in reply, but you could tell that she wasn’t happy about the amount of time. My mind was astonished at her complaint all the time thinking how excellent it would be if I was in a nice new clean development with perfect landscaping, beautiful brick pavement, and nice new roads.

Psalm 49: 10-12, “Anyone can see that even wise men die, as well as foolish and stupid men. They all leave their riches to their descendants. Their graves are their homes forever; there they stay for all time, though they once had lands of their own. A man’s greatness cannot keep him from death; he will still die like the animals.”

I live in a sixty year old house on a street where people aren’t interested in having nice yards. It would be awesome if they just hauled away their junk and occasionally mowed their yards. Every window in my house has a view that overlooks run down homes, old cars and crumbling roads and sidewalks. Just thinking about my location made me even more upset over this couples ability to live such an extravagant lifestyle. If God loves all people the same, then why are they so rich, while most people are so poor?

Psalm 49: 13-15, “See what happens to those who trust in themselves, the fate of those who are satisfied with their wealth-they are doomed to die like sheep, and Death will be their shepherd. The righteous will triumph over them, as their bodies quickly decay in the world of the dead far from their homes. But God will rescue me; he will save me from the power of death.”

I turned the television station in disgust and the Evening News was showing pictures of a devastating flood. Thousands of families were displaced from their homes. They were pleading with the authorities to let them just go back to their homes long enough to get the few personal possessions that escaped damage from the flood. The faces and stories told by the people quickly snapped me out of my mood of utter contempt for the rich couple and their newly acquired vacation home. My mind now was focused on their pain wondering what I could do to help them.

Psalm 49: 5-9, “I am not afraid in times of danger when I am surrounded by enemies, by evil men who trust in their riches. And boast of their great wealth. A person can never redeem himself; he cannot pay God the price for his life, because the payment for a human life is too great. What he could pay would never be enough to keep him from the grave, to let him live forever.”

My feelings over my lack of things got the best of me when I indulged myself in television programs containing the lives of the rich. Seeing the anguish of people in pain after the devastation of a flood made me focus on what was really important in life. Suddenly a steady stream of revelations once again made me focus on the purpose of our world in the first place. We are not here to live a perfect life with beautiful extravagant mansions. We are not here to indulge in excessive riches and what they can buy.

1 Peter 1: 3-5, “Let us give thanks to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! Because of his great mercy he gave us new life by raising Jesus Christ from death. This fills us with a living hope, and so we look forward to possessing the rich blessings that God keeps for his people. He keeps them for you in heaven, where they cannot decay or spoil or fade away. They are for you, who through faith are kept safe by God’s power for the salvation which is ready to be revealed at the end of time.”

My heart goes out to all the flood victims. Most of all my love and compassion for those who have lost everything reveals the change that has happened in my own life as I strive to imitate Christ. I don’t care about the riches of this world for I am building a mansion in the perfection of heaven.

1 Peter 1: 6& 7, “Be glad about this, even though it may now be necessary for you to be sad for a while because of the many kinds of trials you suffer. Their purpose is to prove that your faith is genuine. Even gold, which can be destroyed, is tested by fire; and so your faith, which is much more precious than gold, must also be tested, so that it may endure. Then you will receive praise and glory and honor on the Day when Jesus Christ is revealed.”

The victims of the flood are blessed because their faith in God is being tested by the refining fire of the flood. Questions like these become answered: “If I lost everything would I still trust Jesus? Yes! If I had to start all over again would I be a story to others about what I have overcome?” A shout out loud, “Yes! Most of all would I praise God in the assembly of people, even when it seemed that He had abandoned me in the flood?” A resounding, “Yes, Yes!”

This world is more than what it seems. It is not about personal wealth or if you are famous. It is about growing, learning and most of all achieving the greatest goal of them all, ‘Your Life Purpose!’ Many people are so changed by what they suffer that they completely change their lives. They become fireman, policeman, medical personnel, social workers, and missionaries, whose main goal in life is to help those who are in need. They volunteer in hospitals, rest homes, and school systems where children need a role model in their lives. They are people who show the world that every bad thing that happens in their lives, just makes them stronger.

1 Peter 1: 8&9, ” You love him, although you have not seen him, and you believe in him, although you do not now see him. So you rejoice with a great and glorious joy which words cannot express, because you are receiving the salvation of your souls, which is the purpose of your faith in him.”

The News, told many stories of people who were thankful because God had saved their family from the flood. Stories of victory among the chaos. Stories of strength as many declared that they would rebuild again. Stories of people who didn’t become victims of the flood, but examples to the world of what you can overcome when God is the center of your life.

The tests I have endured during my life have changed me. Making me care about people and not about the riches of this world that will soon pass away. Believing in God and trusting Him with my problems, fixed my leaky roof, took care of my dog and miraculously healed my back.