Epirus Greece – Enjoy Adventurous Sports, Explore Amazing Cliff-Hanging Or Go Skiing On Mount Pindos

In this mountainous region of Greece, you will find the most ancient and mystical ruins, a river that once lead to the gates of Hades, an oracle of the dead, a victorious Roman city and what remains of the Ottomans and their most notorious leader. This is the land of the ancient Greek tribes of the Molossians, Thesprotians and the Chaonians. This is also a land of endless coastline that lines a rugged landscape. In Epirus, you will find a rich ecosystem inhabited by endangered species. You will find hospitable and cosmopolitan Greeks with customs that date back thousands of years. The land of Epirus is complex and inspiring. A definite must for any visitor.

Epirus is located in north-western Greece and is bordered by the Greek regions of Macedonia, Thessaly and Central Greece. Albania is to the north-west. The Ionian Sea and the Ambracian Gulf is situated south-west. The Pindus Mountain range borders the northern part of the region. The climate is mild, with excellent summers and the natural environment is tempting with its forests, rivers, and rich wetlands and numerous mountains, such as the Pindus Mountains.

Epirus is known for its dramatically diverse natural and man-made environment. From the dramatic Vikos Gorge to the cliff-hanging monasteries of Meteora, the region of Epirus continuing to inspire and amaze. There are amazing mountainous villages called the Zagorohoria, a cluster of 46 villages tucked into the totally unique in their architecture and history. Inland you will find the traditional village of Metsovo, where ladies clad in traditional outfits are always walking around the small village centre. The area is renowned for its cuisine. There are picturesque and historic stone bridges all over the region and ancient mystical sites such as Dodona, Kassope, Acheron River and numerous Byzantine monuments and churches scattered about the region.

There are fine running water springs in the region, such as Louros and Zitsa, with rich minerals, and an endless coastline boasting excellent beaches, both sandy and pebbly.

The Ancient City of Nikopolis sprawls over the green landscape near the Ambracian Gulf and was once the city of Augustus, built to commemorate his victory over Antony and Cleopatra in the historic battle of Actium.

The large and busy international harbour of Igoumenitsa greets visitors from Europe and is a cosmopolitan centre. The picturesque port town of Parga, is probably the star of the region, with its amphitheatrical layout and island atmosphere. Parga is the most touristy of the region’s cities and very attractive with its narrow and winding streets, caf├ęs, fish tavernas, busy beaches, camping grounds, traditional rooms and modern hotels.

Parga is an excellent place to visit and is close to numerous beaches as well being only about 25 kilometres close to the ancient ruins of the Nekromanteio or Oracle of the Dead. It is also close to Acheron River where you can stroll through the waters, or swim or kayak as you journey towards the mythical gates to the underworld.

Parga is also close to Preveza, which makes another good place to stay, with its camping grounds near the beaches of Monolithi and Kanali, its busy and international port with numerous sailing ships anchoring daily as well as the numerous traditional fishing boats. Preveza has a lovely old section that dates back to the Ottomans and was the rather notorious setting for the suicide of one of Greece’s major poet’s, the brooding and melancholy Kostas Karyotakis. Other excellent places in the region include the resort of Lygia, Riza with its rocky beachfront, and all are within easy access of the island of Lefkada.

But it is the city of Ioannina that is the pride of the region. The biggest city in Epirus, it sits proudly over Lake Pamvotis and boasts a plethora of historical monuments, museums, a castle, an excellent night-life, excellent shopping and a unique cuisine. This is the city of Ali Pasha, of local delicacies like snails, of wines grown in difficult mountain terrain, of singular smoked cheeses, of evocative music and dances that tell stories, of dazzling history and architecture and some of the best hospitality in all of Greece.

The How, When & Why of Ski Vacations

Information on Ski Vacations, like planning your ski vacation, budget ski vacations, what to pack on your ski vacation, ski vacations with ski clubs &, for the real beginner, learn how to ski in readiness for your ski vacation

I am sure you will agree that, before departing on any vacation, a little information on preparation & planning can only help. Our purpose is to provide you with exactly that regarding your ski vacations!

Ski Vacations – Learning How To Ski

If your family wants to go skiing on your next vacation, but you don’t know how to ski, go ahead and plan that ski vacation anyway! You can learn how to ski, and you will have a great time doing it. You don’t even need to know the first thing about skiing before you arrive at the resort – all of the knowledge you will need is there waiting for you, and you can literally be skiing down a mountain after an hour of instruction.

Learning to ski is really quite easy. Most resorts have a ski school on the premises, and lessons are reasonably priced. Group and private lessons are usually available. It is a good idea, however, to schedule an appointment before you arrive at the resort. This will ensure that you can start learning to ski the very first hour of your vacation.

Most ski instructors start by showing you how to manoeuvre around with your equipment. When you are wearing ski boots, you will be inclined slightly forward – there is a reason for this…when you are skiing down a mountain, you will be inclined forward! Walking in ski boots the first time is a bit difficult – but it works just fine if you learn to walk with your knees slightly bent.

The first manoeuvre you will learn is called the plow, or snow plow. This is a technique that is done by literally using your skis as a snow plough. You make the back of the skis slowing move outwards, away from your body by applying pressure – and this stops you. You guide yourself on skies by bending your knees and leaning in one direction or another, depending on which way you want to go. All of these techniques can be learned in one hour, even if you have never been on a pair of skis in your life.

The beauty of skiing is that after you have learned how to snow plough, and how to guide yourself on the skis, you are ready to ski! Get on the lift, head up the mountain, and give it a try. Control your speed by snow ploughing – go slow at first. When you want to pick up some speed, draw your skis back in to pick up a little speed, then push them back out into the
plow position to control that speed.

As a beginner, you should stick to the trails that are designed for beginners. At most resorts, these trails are marked with a green emblem. Blue trails are for intermediate skiers, and after one day of skiing the beginner trails, you may be ready for those trails. The black trails are for experts. These trails can be dangerous for people who don’t have the skill level to handle them! Avoid black trails until you have had a great deal of ski instruction and experience. You will know when you are ready! Enjoy your ski vacation!

Ski Vacations on a Budget

When you start thinking about ski vacations, you will find a lot of information about various resorts and packages. Finding terrific vacation spots isn’t difficult, however, finding ski vacations that fit into your budget can be a challenge.

To save money, look for lesser known resorts. This doesn’t mean that these resorts won’t provide you with a fun vacation – it simply means that they aren’t quite as well known as other resorts, and therefore, the prices may be a great cheaper. Also look for ski vacation packages that will include your lodging, lift tickets, lessons, rentals, and possibly even some meals.

Be willing to make some sacrifices if money is a real issue. For instance, instead of eating in an expensive restaurant each night, eat cheaper fast food, or make sandwiches in your room. Borrow equipment from friends instead of renting it. Join a group for lessons instead of taking private lessons. Don’t stay at a lodge, stay at a motel farther away from the slopes if necessary. There are numerous ways that you can cut down on the expense of your ski trip. It is all about
the powder after all! Have a great ski vacation at budget prices!

Ski Vacations with Ski Clubs

There are many different types of clubs throughout the world. In fact, there is a club or organization for just about everything that you can imagine! Skiing is no exception. Ski clubs are a great way to learn new things, and to go on ski vacations with other members. In fact, ski club members often get discounted rates on ski vacation packages.

No matter where you live, there is a ski club near you. This is true even if you live in a place that does not ever get snowfall! These clubs regularly get together for trips to various mountains, ski areas, and ski resorts. Some are local clubs, meaning that the slopes that they ski on are within driving distance, while others are more national or global, which means that they not only ski locally, if possible, but they also plan ski trips.

Again, members of ski clubs often receive deep discounts on ski vacation packages. Arrangements are usually made through the club, so that everyone is eligible for the discounts. The money that is required from each member for the trip is usually paid to the club, and the club passes the funds on to pay for lodging, airfare, meals, lift tickets, and other perks that are included in the trip. Because arrangements are being made for a group of people – which is usually fairly large – discounts are given. This benefits all members of the club.

The discounts aren’t the only thing to be excited about. These clubs get together regularly – even if they aren’t getting together to ski. They join together for other activities as well, such as cookouts and fundraisers. Many ski clubs do annual fundraisers to help less fortunate families and children at Christmas time. Others do annual fundraisers to help preserve the environment – which is usually a topic of great importance to skiers who love being out in the wide open spaces and fresh air.

While skiing is what brings these groups together in the first place, it is not necessarily what keeps them together. Their love of a common sport, and their common interests and feeling of community is what keeps them together – and it keeps them skiing together for years and years. If you are a skier, you should definitely consider joining a club. It doesn’t matter – in most cases – what level you are at. Beginners are usually welcomed, and this is a great way for beginners to quickly improve their skills and techniques out on the slopes. Ski club ski vacations can be a great experience.

Ski Vacations – What To Pack

If you will be traveling for a ski vacation, it is often difficult to know what to pack. You may not even have a problem knowing what to pack, but instead have a problem figuring how to get everything that you need from your home to your destination. Skis do not easily fit into suitcases, and if you are flying, this presents a huge problem.

Start by knowing what is available at your destination. Is there a rental shop? How much are the rental fees for skis, boots, and poles. If it is reasonable, and you don’t mind skiing with rented equipment, this is a viable option – and it makes packing and travelling much easier.

If you don’t care for rented equipment, there is another option. Find out if there are any ski shops in the area. There usually are. Get prices on skis, poles, and boots, and then ask if they buy used equipment. If they don’t, ask if there is anyone near by that does purchase used equipment. Call that place to get an estimate on how much you could get for barely used ski equipment. Figure the difference in the money you will spend on the ski equipment, and the
money you will get for the used equipment when you are finished with it. If it isn’t much more than what it would cost you to rent the equipment, go for it!

Ski suits, ski jackets, and sweaters can be very bulky, and hard to pack. These items will take up a lot of room in your suitcase, and leave less room for other clothing and essentials. If you are trying to pack for a two week ski vacation, it will be impossible to fit everything you need into one suitcase.

There is a way to solve this. Call the lodge or resort where you will be staying. Tell them that you need to ship a package, for yourself, to them, and that you need that package to be there when you arrive. Ask them if they will hold it for you at the desk. In most cases, they will. Next, get a box, put all of your ski suits, your ski jacket, and any other bulky items in the box, and ship it to yourself, in care of the lodge or resort. Shipping can be overnight, two day, or three day depending on how far it must travel. Depending on how much the box weighs, you will usually pay less than fifty dollars to ship a package in the continental United States….which is a lot less than you would pay an airline for extra baggage! Enjoy your ski vacation with the peace of mind that comes knowing you have everything you need with you or at your destination.

We hope that you found this information of use &, should you require further information on other ski vacation destinations, you can find many articles on destinations from A – W in this article series on ski vacations!

Celebrity Cruise Vacation Reviews

With a wide range of entertainments, Celebrity cruises provide a unique opportunity to experience an incredible journey. To take a cruise vacation with a Celebrity cruise line is a dream of every vacationer. With the help of Celebrity cruise vacation reviews, travelers can easily get a clear picture about Celebrity cruise vacations before they invest their time and money on a holiday.

Celebrity cruise vacation reviews acts as a resource of information for vacationers who are planning to have a perfect cruise vacation. They provide assistance for all your cruise needs ranging from ship information, different cruise deals, to discounts. In cruise vacation reviews, people share their unforgettable travel experience which in turn actively guide and encourage others to take a cruise vacation.

All you need to know about Celebrity cruise vacations is available in Celebrity cruise vacation reviews. Reviews include traveling tips from experienced cruise vacationers as well as people with first hand experience of Celebrity cruise lines. Besides, they provide travelers information about different cruise vacations such as luxury cruises, honeymoon cruises, and family cruises.

In addition to the above, Celebrity cruise vacation reviews cover all aspects of cruise vacation packages including accommodation, room service, meals, itineraries, entertainment activities, and offshore excursions.

Prior to going on a cruise vacation, it is very important to go through cruise vacation reviews as it assists in your vacation preparations. Go online to check Celebrity cruise vacation reviews. There are travel journals and travelogues with attractive photographs that provide informative tips on Celebrity cruise vacations.

With useful information and traveling tips, Celebrity cruise vacation reviews help first-time travelers to have a memorable experience.

Vacation Rentals Versus Hotels – No Comparison

Traveling to San Diego and trying to decide on accommodations? What is the difference between a vacation rental and a hotel room, and what is better? Well, it all depends on what you are looking for. But the vacation rental accommodations sure seems to be creeping up on the hotels…

Here are some thoughts to help you make your decision….

Length of stay: if you are just passing through and need a night, stay in a hotel – (many companies do not even allow a one night stay). Although, if you are planning on staying for more than one day (2+ days), wouldn’t it be nice to be able to completely settle in to a “home away from home”? Vacation rentals are fully equipped with every amenity to give you anything and everything you would ever need to “live” while not at home. The purpose of a vacation home is just that, it is to act as your very own private vacation home, a getaway that you could eventually return to year after year (that is if you are pleased with the home you stay in).

Save $$$$$: It might not seem like it on the offset, but staying in a vacation rental can save you a lot of money. Because you are paying for a home, and not on a per room or per person basis, the accommodations can end up being a lot less than an equivalent four or five star hotel. Also, think of the money you save on the cost of eating out…staying in a hotel you are forced to eat out every meal. Stay in a vacation home, and you have a fully equipped kitchen at your fingertips…even if you eat dinners out, the amount saved on breakfast, snacks, lunch, drinks, etc. can add up to a lot of money…money that can be used for, oh, say another few nights on vacation.

# of People in group: This is what vacation rentals are best for-large groups! Are you going on vacation with your entire extended family, or another family, or a group of friends? Rather then pay for several hotel rooms all separate from each other, rent a home, where everyone can still have their individual rooms, and bathrooms, yet at the same time, everyone is in the same location and can share the same common area. If you need even more space, rent two homes next to each other, or rent a unit which can be divided into two, so you have double the kitchens and double the living areas.

Unless you are going to Vegas or some world class resort, a hotel is typically not the “destination”, rather it is just an accommodation. Vacation rentals are a “destination” themselves. You really never have to leave if you prefer not to…stay in a beachfront rental and the ocean is at your back door-literally, you have a fully equipped kitchen, and if you want to eat out, there are plenty of restaurants you can walk to. You can even opt for grocery delivery or a private chef. Hire a masseuse to come in, or perhaps a photographer to take family photos…the options are endless.

Space Space Space – Vacation Rentals offer considerably more space than you will find in most hotel rooms. Now the whole family can breath and have space to themselves.

Flexibility – If you want to stay in and cook, great; if you feel like going out, great. If you want to be lazy and just soak in the views from your rooftop deck or balcony, perfect; if you want to get out and see attractions, go ahead. When staying at an oceanfront vacation rental, there is no pressure to get out of the hotel room and “do something”.

Comfort and Amenities – You will not find vacation rentals ‘sterile’ like many hotel rooms…each one is professionally decorated to give you that feeling of comfort and home. Also, the amenities that come standard give an extra personal convenience. As mentioned, every kitchen is fully equipped to prepare anything from a snack to a Thanksgiving feast. Every rental has its own laundry machines…saves on packing and saves on work to be done when you return from vacation! Most of our oceanfront rentals also have a private spa…not sharing with other hotel guests. Just you and your group.

Customer service – Find the same customer service you would at any hotel…whether you need extra toilet paper or you would like to arrange for a surprise flower delivery, we are always willing to help you in whatever ways we can to make your vacation the vacation of your dreams!

Vacation rentals offer a “relaxing” vacation, an idea that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. What happened to going on vacation to re-energize and relax? Most vacations I go on these days are great and amazing, but honestly, when I return home I feel like I need another vacation, to recuperate from the previous vacation! An oceanfront rental could not offer a more relaxing vacation experience. There is literally nothing you need to do once you get here, that is, if you don’t want to.

Escape to luxury and live like the rich and famous (at least for a few days) … come stay in one of our gorgeous beachfront vacation homes! You may never go back to a hotel again…

Summer Vacation – Why Your Family Should Take A Summer Vacation

Year on year, an ever increasing number of families make the decision to take a summer vacation. Despite the fact that a large number of individuals and families do take off and have a summer vacation, there are even more families that do not. Which type of family are you?

How often have you said or have heard someone else say “I need a holiday”.

As a family, we have businesses online and offline and we find that it is all too easy to work 14/7 (or at least it feels like it) with no respite or let up. This is not good for anybody. We all need and deserve a summer vacation so why do some people forgo this great opportunity to relax, have fun and recharge the batteries?

There are a number of reasons why a particular family may be unable to take a summer vacation. Family budget and cost is one of the most common reasons. Unfortunately, many individuals mistakenly believe that a vacation is going to be cost prohibitive otherwise it will not be a good vacation.

Listen, it doesn’t matter whether you spend a few days at the beach, travel to the closest amusement park, stay a few days at a camp site, or travel overseas, they can all be considered as a summer vacation.

I remember once asking my late father-in-law if he has a good time after one trip. He replied that he had had a great time adding “If you don’t enjoy yourself, you only have yourself to blame”. OK there may be times when events are out of our control but the point is that it is up to us to make the most of our circumstances and we can have a great summer vacation no matter how short or long, far or nearer to home.

Sadly, more and more families are unable to take a family vacation due to their busy schedules. Summer vacations are popular because they are often the only time that a family can take a break from their work commitments and routines.

Although, sometimes, we find it difficult, I strongly recommend that you set aside time, whether it be three days or three weeks, to schedule a summer vacation with your family. We regularly find that when we do, we appreciate the untold number of benefits.

Perhaps, the greatest benefit of scheduling a summer vacation with your family is the amount of time that you will be able to spend together, enjoying each others company and having fun together.

Believe me these opportunities don’t last forever. We have two teenagers, one of whom starts university later this year. The other has just turned 15 and wants to spend all of his free time with his mates. So, we know that we have to make the most of the chances we have now before the kids decide that they want to do their own summer vacation thing.

Many families are rarely able to spend time together. Long work hours, homework, and busy sports schedules often prevent a family from enjoying dinner or other fun activities together. In some cases, a summer vacation is the only way that a family can spend uninterrupted quality time together.

For me, another “biggie” is relaxation.

People talk about how great it is for kids today, they have everything! Today, children must operate and function differently than they had to in the past. School age children are often bombarded with large amounts of homework, on a daily basis. This homework, along with active sport schedules and pressure to be the best, takes its toll.

A summer vacation provides them with the opportunity to switch off, have fun, meet new friends, and get the rest that they need and deserve.

What about you? What about the parents?

In addition to our kids, we need time to relax, to switch off and, hey, even have some fun!

We have our daily pressures, commitments and routines to adhere to. Taking a well deserved summer vacation with our family gives us the opportunity to forget about the pressures of work or running our household. It’s even more important than that, however.

It’s absolutely vital for our personal well being and that of our families that we take the time to relax and recharge in the way that a summer vacation allows us to do.

If you have agreed with me so far, I have another suggestion…

If you are seriously thinking about taking a summer vacation, involve the whole family in the decision making process. Let the kids feel they are making an important contribution. Who knows, there ideas may the best ones when it comes to choosing the “right” vacation for your family.

One final question – why would you want to continue to spend your summers around your home, especially when everyone could be having a great “Wish You Were Here” time enjoying themselves away from home?

Are you bored with the same summer vacation routine? Struggling to find that vacation of a lifetime? Then open your mind to the unique possibilities by visiting the link below. You will be delighted by the choice and the great comments made by clients from North America and other countries.